Arduino Typewriter

A hardware and software project to convert a vintage typewriter into a functioning USB keyboard using an Arduino and custom PCB.

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Robust and Efficient Volumetric Occupancy Mapping

An algorithm for creating volumetric occupancy maps. This method was specifically designed to provide robust results when used in conjunction with noisy measurements, as they result from stereo matching.


exFAST and High-Performance Sparse Stereo Matcher

An efficient sparse stereo analysis algorithm that applies a dense consistency check, leading to accurate matching results. Matching accuracy is further improved by the new feature detector exFAST, which is based on FAST but exhibits a less clustered feature distribution.



TeXGrapher is a free application for drawing graphs and exporting them into code for GraphTeX, a package for LaTeX which provides a collection of drawing macros. This package can be used for creating arbitrary drawings with LaTeX and provides a convenient way for specifying graphs within a LaTeX source file.


Really Old Stuff

JOE 3.7 for Android

This is a port of my all-time favourite text editor JOE to android. To be able to install this software, your phone has to be rooted.

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Interactive Panorama Viewer

Interactive Panorama Viewer is a cross-plattform application for viewing cylindrical panorama images and interactively navigating through a panorama image collection. Furthermore it enables you to embed sound sources in your panorama images.


Mac OS X Driver for Auvisio Soundbox

This driver enables the feature "Automatic Gain Control" for the Auvisio USB Digital Soundbox. Without this option, the microphone input will be recorded at a very low volume level. More...


A 3D multiplayer computer game / game engine, in which players battle each other in futuristic hover tanks. Unfortunately, this game never made it to a playable version. The last binary release is from 2007 and I'm not continuing any further work on it.