I have ported my all-time favourite text editor "JOE" to Android. To be able to install this software your phone has to be rooted (for example by installing the Cyanogen ROM)!

To install JOE onto your phone you have to copy the following file to your sd-card:

joe-3.7-android.tar.gz (467 KB).

Then open a terminal, navigate to the folder containing this archive and enter:

# su
# tar -xvzf joe-3.7-android.tar.gz

The archive will extract itself to /data/local. To start JOE from the terminal you either have to add /data/local/bin to your path or add a symlink of /data/local/bin/joe to /system/bin. Further, you have to set the environment variable TERM to some reasonable value, like for example \"unknown\". Alternatively you can save the following shell script as /system/bin/joe:

export TERM=unknown


Compiling JOE yourself

I compiled JOE using the Android Native Development Kit and the agcc wrapper script. I only had to perform two small modifications of the JOE source code. One was to remove the declaration of errno as extern int. The second modification was to remove the call to getpwent().